All That We Consume


1. Certain Science 03:12
2. Frail To The End 02:53
3. A Melody Of One 03:16
4. Hinterland Fables 03:28
5. Spinning 03:22
6. Love Is Now 02:50
7. Water Meets Air 04:35
8. Real Pain 03:30
9. Bright And Harrowing 01:42
10. Plastic Modes (Remix) 02:42
11. Steel Buildings (2013) 05:00

The Players:
Jesse Sprinkle: Vocals, Drums, Piano, Guitars, Keys, Percussion…….
James Wright: Bass
Kurt Schmidt: Electric Guitars
Doug Riter: Cello and Violin
Aaron Hall: Violin
Thomas Reeverts: Bass on “A Melody Of One”
Jim Chaffin: Drums on “A Melody Of One”

Featuring: Justborn Justus on “Frail To The End” and “Spinning”
and Teddy Sanders on “A Melody Of One”, “Water Meets Air”, and “Real Pain”

released September 23, 2019



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