Better Places [CD]


1. Color Of The First Light 04:27
2. She Is The Invisible Voice 03:21
3. This Game Of God 03:52
4. From The Sun 03:32
5. Everlasting Joy 03:24
6. Weakness And Glory 05:21
7. Where Diamonds Grow 03:09
8. As It Wants 04:01
9. Believe And Live Again 02:26
10. Your Touch Is Gold 04:32
11. Hide Away 03:42
12. Steel Buildings And Caskets 04:33
13. Beauty Shines (Version 2.0) 05:00
14. Lights Of June (Remix) 03:39
15. Better Places 04:12
16. Over Land And Dimly Lit Skies 03:50
17. With A Whisper 03:58
18. The Long Way Home (Remix) 04:21
19. Only Inside (Remake) 03:43
20. Brave Soul 02:19
21. In The Eyes Of A Friend 03:56
22. For The Weary And Faint Of Heart 05:36
23. Forever February (Remix) 03:31
24. Half A Mile 03:07
25. Through Blackened Hills 05:04
26. Simple Days (Remix) 04:14
27. The Worst Mistake 04:14
28. High Spring Falls 03:30
29. The Rumor Of Happy Living 04:04
30. Roads 01:26
31. The Beauty Of Pain And The Life Which Springs Through Death 11:07

Released September 11, 2018


It’s been a while since we’ve heard any solo material from the multifaceted multi-instrumentalist Jesse Sprinkle. Thankfully, the man is back with a new record, “Better Places,” and its 17 tracks of modest joy. Sprinkle reveals his melodic thesis early on — track five to be exact — with “Weakness and Glory,” a mellow, shoegaze display. There are brisk arrangements throughout that bolster the more fragile songs and give them a sturdier resolve. The whole platter has a kind of lilt between the tracks and their various genres, and it’s all held together rhythmically, as drums are Sprinkles’ first musical weapon of choice. It’s as if “Better Places” were conducted by a drummer who can hold back the reins one minute, and in the next, kick out the jams.


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