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1. Alleviation 05:00
2. Ocean Pt. I 05:31
3. Animal 06:47
4. Ocean Pt. II 05:49
5. Back For Lapse 04:14
6. Paralyzer 05:06
7. Bewildered 05:48
8. Blood 06:22
9. Remnant Ablations 04:30
10. Arsenal 05:34
11. Astronomy 08:28
12. Animal (National Vekora Day Rehearsal) 08:03



In the lonely sands of commerce comes another musical adventure for your listening pleasure. Vekora is a band of human being people, writing songs that they are meant to write. Alexandra Wendt, Kurt Schmidt, and Jesse Sprinkle are fusing together their influences from the past couple decades: Apple Seed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Cure, The Smiths, Mogwai, Bjork, Jawbox, etc.


Recorded Summer through Winter of 2013 at Bluebrick Recordings.

Released October 31, 2014

Produced by Terry Scott Taylor
Recording Engineer Derri Daugherty
Assistant Engineer Jesse Sprinkle
Album Artwork by Shelly Hehenberger
String and piano arrangements by Doug Riter
Mixed by James Wright, Brian Moore, & Jesse Sprinkle
Mastered by Brian Moore at Redbooth Recording
All songs written by Vekora


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