The World Inside – Roobrik [CD]

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1. The Time I Chased The Sun 5:06
2. Lai 5:01
3. Evening Windows 3:25
4. September 3:38
5. The Leaving Day 3:33
6. Rim 5:15
7. Bereft 6:20
8. Tired Eyes 5:53
9. Friendly 2:38
10. A Beautiful Death In Fall 26:30

Released March 9, 1999



Drawing from an array of musical inspirations that, according to Jesse, include, acoustic alterna-folk, euro-pop rock, ambient ethereal goth and classical interpretations, Roobrik is simply a pop masterpiece.

Building on the layers of instrumentation of Sunsites, including Phil Peterson’s masterful cello, Jesse proves that he’s as good with words as he is with music.

Jesse Sprinkle, former drummer for Poor Old Lu, calls Roobrik, the wonderfully melodic and introspective album from his new band, The World Inside, “simple music for simple people.” With a style that mixes acoustic alterna-folk, euro-pop rock, ambient ethereal goth, and classical interpretations, that’s quite a feat.

After producing an instrumental album, Sunsites, Sprinkle reveals both his lyrical voice and poeticism on Roobrik. “And the trees stood to me in a way which they never had/ And before the doors of home could welcome me/ The bells within the sky would chime their song/ Then they paused and counted up to eight.


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