The World Inside – Untitled/Split [CD]

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While sharing disc space seems more the domain of an EP than a full-length effort, the pairing of The World Inside and Seven Head Division for the 16-song release, Untitled, actually works well due to the largely intersecting paths of the bands represented. Jesse Sprinkle met Seven Head Division drummer Andy King at the Cornerstone Festival near the end of Sprinkle’s tenure as drummer for Christian alternative act Poor Old Lu and was reunited with King in 1996 after POL disbanded and Sprinkle relocated to New York. After releasing his first solo album, 1999’s Roobrick, under the World Inside namesake, Sprinkle produced SHD’s first EP in 2000. The following year, Sprinkle recruited the members of Seven Head Division for work on his follow-up solo record and as a backing group for live shows. Like Roobrick before it, Sprinkle’s portion of Untitled trades the driving alternative rock of Poor Old Lu for a decidedly softer set of musical stylings. Songs like “To Be Loved” and “Alandrae” are built upon an engaging combination of melodic modern rock and alternative folk-pop. “Old Home” and the equally enjoyable “September” augment that amalgam with elements of emo and jangle-pop, respectively. And the sparse, arpeggiated nylon-stringed guitar work on the best-of-album “Soft Song” lends the track an almost classical aesthetic.


Artist: The World Inside/ Seven Head Division
Label: True Tunes Records (2001)
Length: 16 Tracks (64:12 minutes)

World Inside tracks:
to Be Loved
Through Blackened Hills
old home
soft song
do You Lie?

Seven Head Division tracks:
Doubt & all of thee above
a Song for the Cycles
Monday Morning
To Be Healed


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