A Collection 1996-2006 [CD]

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1. She Is The Invisible Voice 3:21
2. When 2:40
3. Neverending 3:42
4. Bound To Break 3:41
5. September 3:26
6. Unnoticed 3:22
7. Beauty Shines 3:59
8. In Loving Memory 3:43
9. Green Laurel 4:02
10. The Wood Between The Worlds 0:42
11. Streamstory 3:11
12. What Spins The World 3:59
13. The Darkest Hour 3:29
14. Thoughtless 1:51
15. Only Inside 3:55
16. To Be Loved 4:14
17. For Fear Of His Splendour 1:35
18. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride 2:03
19. For The Weary 4:03
20. A Place Called Hopewell 0:51
21. Grasp On To Grief 1:47
22. The Time I Chased The Sun 4:17
23. Autumn 3:47
24. The Worst Mistake 2:52
25. Untitled 0:21

Released 2006



This is 24 track collection of his music from the past 10 years, including songs from the two aforementioned albums, some unreleased ones, a few from other projects like his band Serene, The World Inside, The Wrong Mind and A Cold Vein. All over there`s rich, hook-laden pop tunes smothered in gorgeous vocal harmonies, highly textured music-scapes, incredible melodies and excellent arrangements, these are trademarks of Sprinkle. With about half the tracks here, you`ll hear strains of Posies-inflected harmonies, but on the acoustic-side of their early, late 80`s sound.

Fans of Michael Penn, Neil Finn, Ice Cream Hands and the those rare moments when Elliot Smith made happy pop music are going to, simply, be smitten and fall hard for this one. Sprinkle used to be in the band Poor Old Lu, who released some legendary, but hard to find albums in the 90`s. Soaring open chorded strums and blended vocals fulfill the connection to all the aforementioned bands.


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