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The Corner of an Unlit World [CD]


1. Beauty Shines
2. Confidence Of Sound
3. Over Land And Dimly Lit Skies
4. For the Weary and the Faint of Heart
5. With A Whisper
6. She Is The Invisible Voice
7. In 40 Ways
8. Jimmy
9. Worst Mistake
10. Tale Of Unrevealed Desire
11. Beauty Of Pain And The Life Which Springs From Death

Released October 10, 2006



Gorgeous, stunning, stellar, the superlative flow! We loved (and many of you joined us here) the last one, Unnoticed but “The Corner Of An Unlit World” is another level in Jesse Sprinkle`s world. Everything that was on “Unnoticed” is here in spades, but the material has more sharper focus, the melodies ring a bit longer, the vocals move the soul even deeper and musician ship and arranging add new textures and nuances. All over there`s rich, hook-laden pop tunes smothered in gorgeous vocal harmonies, highly textured music-scapes, incredible melodies and excellent arrangements!

As with “Unnoticed”, fans of early Posies, harmony-ridden, acoustic-driven pure pop, REJOICE! It`s hard to find a band that better epitomizes what why so many folks fell so hard for The Posies during their “Failure” and “Dear 23” period(those Hollies-esque harmonies!) than inside Sprinkle`s music. Bsides those folks, fans of Michael Penn, Neil Finn, Ice Cream Hands and the those rare moments when Elliot Smith made happy pop music are going to, simply, be smitten and fall hard for this one. Sprinkle used to be in the band Poor Old Lu, who released some legendary, but hard to find albums in the 90`s. Soaring open chorded strums and blended vocals fulfill the connection to all the aforementioned bands. Crisp guitar lines and rich, soothing vocals urge the complete success of this project clearly into focus, opening up fresh pop vistas of effortless strumming and lovely melodies. IT does not get much better than this for fans of acoustically, chiming, ringing power pop than this. Lyrically rich, the songs rely on sugar-sweet harmonies on every second of this CD. Extremely Highly Recommended!!!


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